Warrant Issue Update

1st December 2020

Alpha Prospects Limited, is pleased to announce that a further 1,511,360...

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Best Small-Cap Investment Manager 2020

21th September 2020

Alpha Prospects Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Best Small-Cap Investment Manager by Corp Today Magazine...

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Award of London Stock Exchange's Green Economy Mark

4th September 2020

Active Energy, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Green Economy Mark...

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Alpha Prospects Limited - a Proposition to Invest

Alpha Prospects is an investment management company.

The Board's investment policy is to take strategic investments in companies with fast growth and/or strong recovery prospects, Typically the companies in which Alpha will invest ,both in the quoted and unquoted , are in the small and micro cap sector. Such investments may result in Alpha acquiring a strategic stake in a company or project. The Company's investments may take the form of equity, joint venture or any other financial instrument as the directors deem appropriate.

The company seeks to achieve maximum total returns primarily through the capital appreciation of its investments. It is not envisaged that any income or gains derived from the Company's investments will be distributed by way of a dividend. This does not preclude the directors from declaring a dividend at any time in the future to shareholders, if they consider it appropriate to do so.

The Company's interest in its intended investments will be proactive. Where necessary and/or desirable, it will seek to provide asset backed finance and/or equity finance for its investments. As such , it will fill a much needed commercial gap, as it is universally recognised that smaller companies find it harder to secure finance than larger ones.