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("Alpha" or the "Company")



Alpha Prospects Plc is an investment management company. The Company's strategy is to make investments in companies with fast growth and/or recovery prospects.


I am pleased to present the financial results for Alpha Prospects Plc for the 12 month period ending 31 August 2013 a period during which three investments were made and Net Assets increased significantly. The results are in line with management expectations: the total comprehensive loss for the 12 month period was 618,912 (2012: 505,694). Of this 342,538 (2012: 215,747) related to write downs in the value of the Company's share portfolio.

However, Net Assets increased during the year by more than 1m following the issue of shares in consideration for the investments acquired.

In May 2013, Alpha subscribed for a 20% interest in Tasmania Oil and Gas Limited (`TOG') for a consideration of approximately 1 million. The consideration has been satisfied by the issue to TOG of 33,333,333 ordinary shares in Alpha at a price of 3p per share.

In June, having carefully researched the management and the companies themselves we invested 450,000 into ROK Stars plc, which produces and markets energy drinks, vodka and beer, and 50,000 into ROK Global plc which is a mobile, web and industrial technology applications and service company. The initial consideration was satisfied by the issue of 18m shares at a price of 2.5p giving a 0.27% interest in ROK Stars and 2m shares at a price of 2.5p which gives a 0.87% interest in ROK Global. Both companies were founded by US billionaire John Paul Dejoria with the former listed in Germany and the latter on the GXG Exchange.

Post the year end the Company took a 30% equity interest in Derlite ltd ("Derlite"), an electronics manufacturing company based in Thailand that specialises in the manufacture of gas ignition systems for the white goods industry.

In August the Company issued 280,914 of Convertible Unsecured Loan stock 10% 2016 (CULS) and in November 2013 the Company issued a further 300,000 of CULs in connection with the Derlite acquisition.

We now have a web site and all shareholders are invited to visit to find out more about the Company and its investments, most of which are performing well. We are currently reviewing a number of other opportunities all of which we believe offer significant growth prospects.

On 24 January 2014 the Company passed a resolution at a General Meeting to move its Stock Exchange listing from ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Limited growth market to GXG First Quote Market. GXG Markets is an exchange operator focusing on European small and medium sized enterprises. GXG Markets operates in accordance with the MiFID legislation under the supervision of the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet).

Finally, on behalf of the Board I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Company's professional advisers for their support and assistance throughout the year.

Steven Freudmann


Alpha Prospects Plc Report and Financial Statements Year Ended 31 August 2013