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Alpha Prospects Investment Portfolio

Alpha Prospects is an investment holding company.

2 Active Energy: London quoted renewable energy, forestry management and timber processing business. The Company has developed a proprietary process and technology, CoalSwitchâ„¢ and PeatSwitchâ„¢, to produce an environmentally fuel pellet, and a carbon substrate for fertilizers.
2 Capital Plus Partners Ltd: Corporate finance advisory business focussed on smaller companies and providing access to funds. It also oversees and provides regulatory cover for fellow group member. The Angel Business Club which invests on behalf of international parties.
2 Clifton Africa Limited: Trading activities throughout Africa, operating primarily in the construction sector, including building modular panel built houses, apartments and medical clinics.
2 Coleridge Resources Inc: US natural resource holding company. Coleridge owns mineral leases in Eastern Kentucky, USA containing 150 million tons of coal and is aware of methods being explored to extract coal without damaging the environment.
2 Derlite: Electronics manufacturer based in Thailand supplying international household goods manufacturers. It designs and manufactures gas ignition systems.

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