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Alpha Prospects Investment Portfolio

Alpha Prospects is an investment holding company.

2 Redford Day LLC: A US investment company focused on serving the needs of early stage businesses.
Rok Stars ROK Stars: Stuttgart listed holding company focused on building international environmentally friendly brands, including drinks, health & beauty, water and technology.
2 ROK Water: Water purification technology. The unique water purification technology turns salt water and contaminated or polluted water into fresh, potable or drinking water.
2 ROK Global: A mobile, web and industrial technology, applications and services company with clients
Siam Industrial Ceramics SIC: The development of a ground breaking technology that enables the harnessing of energy from water. Beta testing has been completed. The product can be retrofitted to existing vehicles.
TOGA Tasmanian Oil and Gas Australia: Developing a potential gas and oil field in Tasmania. Geological research shows a number of formations that should yield commercial quantities of gas and or oil.

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